SEO: Search Engine Optimization in Press Releases

Using SEO to boost the search ranking of your press releases can be an intimidating task. After all, you don’t want to just throw in keywords in every possible location and take away from your well-honed writing style. In fact, an article by prnewsonline.com recommends using each keyword for no more than 2% of your […]

SEO: Google's New Algorithm Demands Creative and Unique Content

Achieving high rankings in Google searches is key to any successful SEO and web marketing campaign.  With recent changes in the search engine’s algorithm and the company’s continued unwillingness to reveal its make-up, businesses need effective strategies to reach customers online. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes tools that small businesses have […]

Success Secrets: Work with a Virtual eMarketing Team

Your company has a strong product and a functional organizational culture, but needs a boost with its marketing services. Sounds like a virtual emarketing team may be just the right way to grow your business beyond its current limits. A virtual emarketing team can assist your business with its web marketing needs, while acting as […]

Measuring Web Marketing Results

Especially in business to business (B2B) marketing, Autumn Consulting is often asked, “how do you measure results?” Here are some effective ways to measure results: Web marketing results: – increasing minutes on the web site – prospects or customers visiting “the right” sequence of web pages – regular addition of new visitors to the web […]

Qualifying Prospects through Organic Search Marketing

A successful internet marketing campaign requires an understanding of how to position crucial keywords in search engines. This means that companies need a web marketing strategy that makes it easy for customers to find their web content through Google. Here’s an outline of the organic search marketing process: 1. Interview your sales team. Ask them […]

Email Marketing: Stronger Than Ever

Getting your customers’ attention sounds like an easy enough task, but it can often turn into a game of hide and seek. In addition to seeing traditional ads in newspapers, magazines, and on TV, consumers are now also bombarded with promos on their social networking sites and cell phones. Still, there’s one effective marketing tool […]

B2B Social Media = Qualifying Prospects

While social media sites like Facebook offer great web marketing opportunities for business-to-consumer companies, converting social media efforts into direct sales results has proven to be a more difficult task for business-to-business firms. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out that it’s often harder for B2B companies to use their Facebook pages […]

Autumn Consulting: On The Social Media Channel

This week Autumn Consulting was featured on The Social Media Channel, a web site that reveals all the latest in news, trends and technology. Though social media marketing and web marketing trends are topics we cover regularly on our blog, we offer an entire array of other flavors for mid-sized businesses via our web marketing […]

Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing

“We don’t want to miss out!” That’s the common answer our firm hears when asking business to business (B2B) customers why they are using social media. Recently, we visited a prospective client who was active on Facebook and proud of their new web site. Problem is, this prospective client’s excitement started to decline as they […]

Business Marketing – Effective Tips for Content Writing

Writing content can be a difficult and even arduous task to have to perform, especially if it needs to be refreshed weekly or daily. The reason being that clients understand the time and strategic effort it takes to write original and thoughtful content.  And when the content needs to have a business marketing  tone focused […]

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