Autumn Consulting Client Wins Top 10 Business Award

Ruekert-Mielke, a provider of engineering solutions located in Pewaukee, WI, was named one of the 2011 top 10 businesses by the Waukesha County Business Alliance. Autumn Consulting is one of Ruekert-Mielke’s strategic partners, helping with web marketing, eCommerce, social media, eMarketing, and search engine marketing, as well as with implementing its three strategic marketing pillars: […]

Teamwork: Utilizing sales messages for web marketing

One of the most valuable content writing processes for web marketing or emarketing that Autumn Consulting uses is interviewing and listening to our client’s sales staff. Effective sales team members typically know the issues, misconceptions and challenges facing their prospects during the buying process. So, why not leverage your firm’s web marketing strategy to support […]

Trending: Marketing Ecommerce and Social Media

While we can’t predict the future of web marketing, what’s evident is an emerging trend to combine ecommerce functionality within Facebook pages. According to USA Today, social media experts predict that shopping on retailers’ websites will die out in the next few years as stores enable direct shopping transactions on Facebook. Consider the following sites: […]

Web Marketing Tips and eMarketing Strategies

Driving traffic to your site is easier today than ever before. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In help businesses thrive every day through their easy-to-use infrastructures, SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) features and ecommerce leverage. A recent Wall Street Journal article demonstrates that availability to meeting customer needs is key to getting […]

Clarifying Your Web Marketing Message in 3 Steps

How much content should appear on a web page?   Answer: Deciding on “the right” content is difficult, but equally challenging is knowing how much content to write for your web site.   Autumn Consulting advises clients who desire to move higher in the search rankings to write 3-4 paragraphs of content per page. While […]

Write Tight: The secret sauce of effective web marketing messages

What’s the best way to write a heading on my web site or email subject line? Answer: eMarketing and web marketing use many of the same writing strategies as professional journalists. Write your web site headline or email marketing subject line in 50 characters or less, including spacing and special characters. And don’t forget to […]

Search Engine Marketing: Adding the "right" content

During Spring 2011, Google quietly modified it’s proprietary search results algorithm. The most noticeable change to affect Google’s search results and search engine marketing was a decrease in web site ranking. The purpose of changing Google’s search result formula was to emphasize the importance of writing the “right” content as part of a company’s web […]

Web Marketing: Spruce it up with the right social media moves

Even if you’re not a social media master, using tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In can have a powerful impact on your business. Here’s your Autumn Consulting cheat-sheet for navigating the social networking landscape. Social media marketing perks include: • Connecting you with the right people. • Helping you observe important conversations about industry […]

Search Engine Marketing: Close to Home

It’s well understood that consumers today are researching brands, products and coupons before they purchase big-ticket items. Especially in this economy. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal business story cites Google revealing that more consumers are searching Google for common, everyday household and consumable items. As a result of being faced with many website […]

Web Hosting by Amazon.com

Did you see the latest article about Amazon.com‘s web hosting? According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is investing heavily on web hosting and business grade services. Read more about Amazon’s web hosting. Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee-focused web marketing agency that provides business grade web hosting with personal attention and service. We and our […]

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