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The "Virtual" Difference: What Makes Autumn Consulting Unique

The Autumn Consulting style is built on the foundation of three key concepts: open communication, collaboration, and a personal connection. We truly enjoy getting to know our clients and working as a team to get stuff done. Click here to read Autumn’s unique abilities to help your business.

A Milestone Event: Hydro-Thermal Celebrates 80 Years of Manufacturing

Improvement, growth and success – These are the core goals Autumn Consulting has for our clients. From designing websites to prospect research (and even some occasional event planning) we want to see your company prosper.  Recently, Autumn had the opportunity to help plan and celebrate the 80th anniversary of our client, Hydro-Thermal. To read about the event, click here.

Stop Fixing Your Website!

Most companies that want to grow turn to their website to find ways to better their image. They will either continually tinker with or drastically change their website in hopes of improving their marketing. However, with both local and national business experience, Nathan Misirian, President of Autumn Consulting says “Stop fixing your website!” Instead, successful […]

Exclusive Predictions for 2014 Marketing Priorities

Lots of things changed for marketers in 2013; new strategies became necessary with the incorporation of novel marketing platforms and consumer needs. Google expanded its reach, visuals became more important, and social media metrics provided crucial data for strategic planning. But what can we expect for 2014 marketing trends? Click here to discover what marketing […]

What Picture Tells Your Story?

The growth in popularity of social media sites thrust visual marketing into the spotlight. Images have the power to make ideas or services real to your prospective customers. Finding the right avenue for your brand (whether it be video marketing or photography for social media sites) and utilizing it strategically can have a great impact […]

Who Cares What You're Selling?

How do you capture the attention of your target audience? Every business faces the challenge of defining themselves in such as way as to stand apart from their competition. The answer is simple: have a strong unique selling proposition (USP). What makes your company different? Why should a prospective client choose you? THAT is your […]

Harness the Power of #Hashtags for Your Business

  Hashtags are a way to identify your posts with a specific topic. Placing the symbol “#” in front of a word or phrase in Twitter or Facebook creates a hyperlink, for example #webmktg. When a prospect or customer clicks on the hashtag, all posts will appear which have used the same tag. Click here […]

Using eNewsletters to Grow Your Business

    “Communicate with your potential customers! Interact!” Marketing wisdom…but how do you do that? eNewsletters are one tool that Autumn Consulting uses to help its clients to discover new, qualified prospects which can generate exciting business opportunities. Instead of just casting text into cyber land (as many low-cost email plans do), Autumn uses a 4 step […]

How to Optimize Your Web Content Strategy with Integrated SEO

Providing customers and prospects with a desired product or service is the purpose of all businesses. Making them aware of your product and service so you can be considered as their best solution is the next step. Google, the most popular search engine worldwide, can and should be used to your business’ advantage to engage […]

Expanding Web Marketing Internationally with Ro-Flo Compressors

Helping clients expand in new markets is a task the Autumn Consulting team enjoys doing. One of Autumn’s clients, Ro-Flo Compressors, is the leading supplier of rotary van compressors for the oil & gas, biogas, and industrial markets. Autumn Consulting recently helped to expand Ro-Flo Compressor’s brand and marketing with a new Russian language website. […]

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